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If you are stuck with the camperisation of your camper or you don't know where to start camperising your van, we can advise you free of charge.

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From the air to the road

Tu Camper is born under the umbrella of Aviakit. We land in the world #camper after a long experience in #aviation light aviation and with type certificate for the serial construction of #aircraft light #aircraft.

The hobby turned into passion makes us take on challenges that we will share in the future. From the quality, responsibility and seriousness acquired from the aeronautical world, we will be with you to turn your idea into a dream and your dream into reality.

#WeAreYourCamperGive us a call and find out why! 🙂 🙂


We see our mission as a commitment to you, our customer, and to your dreams. Campering a van for us is like building your house. Safety, comfort and happiness It's what we all want to have at home, in your camper van it will be no less.


We want to be your camper. 

We are not satisfied with just handing over your camper van and not knowing anything else about you. We believe in the benefit that sharing is living and that is why we will share with you all our knowledge because travelling in a camper van is not about going to hotels, it is about taking your home with you and if something goes wrong we want to be by your side.


Nos mueven los retos

Juan Antonio vino y nos presentó su idea y su ilusión…Poder viajar cómodamente con su hijo que necesita desplazarse en silla de ruedas era para él la mayor ilusión de esta camperización. Lo conseguimos. ¡Mira cómo lo hemos hecho! 

Y te invitamos a que nos propongas tu reto para ver si podemos entre todos darle forma y vida a ese sueño en tu camper.

We want to meet you 🙂